MHCombiotic Inc.

We are a multidisciplinary laboratory with several years experience on biofilm and antibiotic resistance that is committed to focussed on safe antimicrobial discovery.


Our Mission

  • We are working to bring novel antimicrobial in the market.
  • We discovered different antimicrobial agents in different classes, and we are using them in a combination manner, which we are calling Combiotic.
  • While Combiotic has different applications, for now, we are focused on topical application/s.

For now, we are mostly focused on using Combiotic in wound infection control (both prevention and eradication).


Our team combines decades of state-of-the-art Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) elimination scientific research – having conducted over 10,000 tests in the last 2 years – with world-leading subject experts, top universities, and private pharma lab teams, to discover the most efficacious and cost-effective solution to deploy globally and urgently.


With our world-class facilities and our extensive academic, and scientific experience, we are discovering novel and safe antimicrobials with different properties and expenditures.


We provide consulting to industries regarding antimicrobials and biocides to address their microbial/biofilm/biofouling challenges.


We are the ideal strategic partner and supplier of innovation and R&D support.

We are pioneer in research, innovation and prototype development in many industrial and clinical sectors.

We help companies develop new hypotheses, products and also services which are often not part of their core expertise.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”

Trusted Partners

Antimicrobial Discovery

We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory with the most advanced equipment that is committed to focussed on safe antimicrobial discovery with a very low chance of future resistance.

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